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selected Performances of KREPSKO


​​premiered October 2016

Anna was an aristocrat


lived as an amoeba in an antique aquarium

suffers from allergies, anorexia and asthma

anyhow she sings arias in an Andalusian accent

in automatic acrobatic poses - what abstract avant-garde!!

Hotel Misery deLuxe

​​premiered December 2013



Dear Guests!


Welcome to the once-famous Hotel Misery deLuxe, which offers a unique view over the sea of lost hopes, past lives and laughs.


Each passion-equipped room includes TV, sad-air-conditioning and happy-room-service...



A co-production with Teatr Kana 

Edgar's Echo

-Paraphernalia of E. Cuthwellis-


premiered August 2013

renewed August 2016



The hunt for rare moments and species becomes a fantastic mathematical puzzle of a show on the discoveries of a certain Edgar, and the correspondence between Bruno and Sylvia.


    But who after all is this Edgar?

Bistro Beyond

premiered February 2012



Welcome to the Bistro Beyond!


Let us serve you Tear Drops in a Cup with a Hint of Hysteria, Soup of Marinated Memories and a Side Salad of Shame - and a fairytale from the autumn of the world.


Mad Cup of Tea

premiered April 2005



There is an abandoned place, somewhere faraway, where things don´t work quite as well as anywhere else…






premiered December 2003



FRAGILE explores, through a magnifying glass, the character Laura from Tennessee Williams´s play Glass Menagerie.


...a visual theatre performance where the theatrical space itself is perceived as a performer. 





Alma & Amanda

premiered October 2007



Alma and Her Sister Amanda. Amanda and Her Cousin Alma. Amanda’s Alma. Alma’s Amanda...


...Two minds - one secret, two moods - one problem.





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