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Hotel Misery deLuxe

Dear Guests!


Welcome to the once-famous Hotel Misery deLuxe, which offers a unique view over the sea of lost hopes, past lives and laughs.


Each passion-equipped room includes TV, sad-air-conditioning and happy-room-service. The rooms are furnished exclusively with sweet tears, stains of love and shadows of fast relations... the ideal place for your blind dates.



We guarantee you an unforgettable stay faraway from home in excellent October weather, even in July. Do not hesitate and come to enjoy 5-star drama at a 2-star price; get a Special Discount on rainy days!


This season's special: Lost Glory, Lost Sunshine.



With welcoming greetings, your Hotel Staff:


Manager at the Reception (directed by): Linnea Happonen

Room Service (performed by): Bibianna Chimiak, Linnea Happonen , Dariusz Mikuła, Karolina Sabat, Piotr Starzyński, Jiří Zeman

Chambermaid (visual design by): Andrea Szakál

Lounge Music (composed by): Mayim Alpert

Hotel Electrician (light design by): Kauri Klemelä


Maintenance (co-production): Teatr KANA &  K R E P S K O  theatre group



Other Seasonal Assistance (thanks to): Janina Chimiak, Barbara Ciesluk, Grygierowie, Philip Holm, Agnieszka Miluniec, Krystyna Mruk, Ville Niska, Maciej Osmycki, Patrik Sedlák, Lukáš Teklý, Tony Wallius, Piwnica Kany





"Linnea Happonen managed to keep small fleeting moments on the stage, which allowed focus on the details of human actions. This was done in a masterly way - the effect was absolutely electrifying."


                                                           - Wojciech Kowalczyk,




Our hotel survives for centuries thanks to the kind support of the Visegrad Fund, the city of Szczecin and the Marshall Office of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.


A co-production of  K R E P S K O  and Teatr KANA, Szczecin, Poland.



premiered December 2013, Szczecin, Poland


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