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Portwine, Popcorn & Puppetry

Krepsko cabaret is an international troupe traveling from one imagined city to another, a unique performance offering surprises, circus thrills, pearls of puppetry and live music.

"The cabaret should remain, resonating in the audiences' subconscious, as a smile the next day, a hummed melody, a picture you don't want to forget."

Performers have included Mayim Alpert (USA), Kristina Dementeva (BY), Perrine Ferrafiat (FR), Linnea Happonen (FI), Philip Holm (FI), Jan Jakubal (CZ),  Antti Korhola (FI), Niina Lindroos (FI), Ville Niska (FI), Juho Sarno (FI), Katrine Weigelt (DK), Jiri Zeman (CZ) and other guests.

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