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Gertrude Won´t Dance

„Gertrude won´t dance“ is a dance that isn´t a dance. It is a choreography of indescribable emotions, complicate steps of communication and music of the mind.


Beauty of movements, magic of timing, harmony and dis-harmony - this is a theatre performance that can be watched and understood the same way as music is listened.


„Gertrude won´t dance“ is a play combining artists from different theatres of Chemnitz, Germany, and from Finland, Catalonia, Czech Republic, and USA to create a performance of a complete, new format, almost algorithmicly complex and very simple at the same time.


Performed by:

Heda Bayer, Isabel Ogonowski, Gabi Reinhardt, Isabelle Weh, Alica Weirauch, Jirka Zeman


Directed by: Linnea Happonen

Music composed by: Mayim Alpert

A co-production between Krepsko Theatre Group and Taupunkt e.V., supported by the City of Chemnitz and Kulturstiftung Dresden.


premiere June 2018 in Chemnitz

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