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AnnaBerthaCecilia is not only a theatre performance, but also a picture puzzle. Several words are ‘hidden’ in each part starting with the same letter. Can you find, see, hear or feel them?
Tilda belonged to triplets, a trio who were all terrified of a taxidermy tiger...
Dolores used to be a diva drama-queen whose debut was in the role of Desdemona...
Rita loved romantic rituals, she had a rendezvous in the restaurant of “Rose & Rhubarb”...
Pi was a paper doll, who wanted to be from porcelain...
Anna was an aristocrat, who lived as an amoeba in an antique aquarium. She suffered from asthma, allergies, anorexia and aggression - the analyses of her anatomy showed anyhow her ambition for avant-garde arias.
K R E P S K O Theatre Group (FIN/CZ)
Directed by: Linnea Happonen
Performed by: Linnea Happonen, Jiří Zeman
Set design, puppets: Laura Hallantie, Roman Chauzov and KREPSKO
Light Design: Rene Vitvar, Mayim Alpert
Composer: Mayim Alpert
Musicians: Mayim Alpert, Philip Holm, Antti Korhola, Lukaš Teklý, Ville Niska, Helsinki Domraorkesteri
Thanks to: WHS and Teatteri Union, Perrine Ferrafiat and Artschool Estradi, Ari Keltämäki, Jari Suominen, Robert Smolik, Ritva Mannermaa, Maija Linturi, Institut International de la Marionette Charleville-Mezieres
Performance supported in part by: Koneen säätiö, Samuel Huberin taidesäätiö, 2016 Pikku-Itu Award
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