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Bistro Beyond

Somewhere on the edge of the world stands the painfully nostalgic Bistro Beyond - serving the last hopes with a cup of teardrops, still leaving an endless appetite for more...
This performance is a darkly entertaining story, a visit to the far future with the fascination and beauty of the past. There where borders between animals and humans are constantly stretched, where we hear the melancholy melodies of far-away domras and untuned radio-stations - there is the very last Bistro. There bizarre beings are scraping their living and scraps of humour from the left-outs of society, trading it for a dinner in the forgotten Bistro Beyond. After all, who is at the dinner and who is the dinner?
“Bistro Beyond is reaching the ideal of the theatre - music, set design, actors’ movements and idea create together a magic universe, which you watch, mouth open, sometimes afraid to breathe and wake up from the spell.”
                                                                          -Heili Sibrits, Postimees
presented by  K R E P S K O  theatre group 
directed by: Linnea Happonen
performed by: Mari Mägi/Paula Laurila, Toomas Tross/Jiří Zeman, Katrine Weigelt, Pau Zabaleta i Llauger
music composed by: Mayim Alpert
visual design: Kristel Maamägi
light-design: Tobias Stål
with special thanks to: Lemmi, Haide, Ingrida Picukane
co-produced by Piip and Tuut Mängumaja, Tallinn
supported in part by Norden
premiered February 2012, Tallinn, Estonia
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