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Mad Cup of Tea - tea, tango & trapeze

There is an abandoned place, somewhere faraway, where things don´t work quite as well as anywhere else…
Welcome to the extraordinary tea-party where familiar meanings of space and safety are turned upside-down. Welcome to the weird wonderland of buried hopes.
Black humor and absurdity meet in the magic of theatre, the fascination of circus and the longing for thousands of tangos from Finland.
“... Linnea Happonen has discovered an infinite principle of stage lyrics and impliments them in ways that they never seem to lose their magic.”
                                                                       -Jana Návratová,
created by: K R E P S K O
concept and direction by: Linnea Happonen
performed by: Mayim Alpert, Linnea Happonen, Jan Kalivoda, Lukáš Teklý, Pau Zabaleta i Llauger
music: Mayim Alpert, Guy Dowsett
costumes and visual co-operation: Radka Mizerová
light-design: Martin Špetlík
tango consultation: Marek Štefan, Radka Šulcová
special thanks to: Jakub Hybler, Sylvia Idelberger, Petr Lorenc, Alfred ve dvoře 
co-production: ROXY NoD
supported by Czech Ministry of Culture and Czech-German Future Fund



premiered April 2005, Prague, CZ

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