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A situation that we all know – or we think we know – or we think that we think we know… 


A twisted Cinderella story or figure-skating on relationships? Is one kiss enough to end it happily ever after? Elements of fairytales lost in the world of adults … or who in the end is most mistaken: actors or audience?




    "KREPSKO is modern non-verbal physical theater that is funny and knows how to make fun, even of itself - a visit to Erorrism certainly will not be the wrong decision."

                                                                                        - Petr Vácha,



Created by: K R E P S K O


directed by: Linnea Happonen

performed by: Linnea Happonen, Jan Jakubal, Jan Kalivoda/Guy Dowsett, Jiří Zeman

music by: Guy Dowsett, Sam Finley, Jan Kalivoda 

light design by: Martin Špetlík 

with thanks to: Radka Mizerova



premiered in March 2006, Prague

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