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polish tango for three

Black and white theatre about a secret of a dangerous table-game.


We all know, or should know, how dangerous but fascinating it is to play with electrical equipment… russian roulette, polish tango and czech-finnish weird humor mix together for a bizarre little evening with a table-game and a bottle of wodka.




"...categorization doesn't suit this significantly playful and freethinking company. It is a theatre rarity... unique, and absurd"


                                                                     -Veronika Pacíková, Taneční Zona



Created by: K R E P S K O


performed by: Linnea Happonen, Katrine Weigelt, Jiří Zeman,

with occasional alterations including Marta Issova, Anna Polívkova, Veronika Švábova, and Pau Zabaleta i Llauger



premiered March 2006, Prague, CZ


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