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Tango Grande

Hypno-catastrophic paratangology for three and for her - high voltage spiritism, unexpected trips to the ether and spirits from different dimensions.
KREPSKO explores deeper frequencies of the polish tango and beyond.

     "KREPSKO can almost always surprise us. They also manage to entertain and even amaze ...above all it is poetic theatre, with a strong lyrical sense and a flair for profound theatrical metaphor and fantastic imagery."


                                                                    -Roman Sikora, Literarni Noviny  

created by: K R E P S K O
directed by: Linnea Happonen
performed by: Linnea Happonen, Barbora Látalová, Veronika Švábová, Pau Zabaleta i Llauger, Jiří Zeman
music by: Mayim Alpert and spiritistic chorus Jorge
light-design: Martin Špetlík
visual co-operation: Andrea Szakal
with many thanks to: Bekr Ali, Jakub Xavier Baro, Marc Cram, Lukos Hey, Jenne Magno, Jessica Mayne, Marek Štefan, Lukáš Teklý
Project was created in co-production with Roxy NOD.
Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.
premiered December 2009, Prague, CZ
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