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fig. 41: iiris   


Figure 41 displays a rare example of  i i r i s  d e m i - f o l i e.


This species is not poisonous, but uncommonly found, as it opens only in complete solitude. As such, it is still unclear if  i i r i s  actually is a hunter or a hunted one. Its odour has been described as "a houdini of hallucinations" or "fainting fairies". Though we know many such pecularities of  i i r i s  d e m i - f o l i e, it is certain that there is much yet to be discovered.


The case of  i i r i s has been studied by a specialized team of  K R E P S K O :

Mayim Alpert (audiation)
Linnea Happonen (motivation)
Radek Pytelka (speculation)
Martin Špetlík (illumination)

aided by many inspirations from Petr Lorenc and valuable information from Chiara Ambrosio, Rebekka Ingimundardóttir, Jiří Zeman and others.


Research conducted in cooperation with Experimental Space Roxy/NoD
and with the support of the Czech Ministry of Culture and the City of Prague.



Premiered in December 2008, Prague

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