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Krepsko Theatre Group & co. presents on Saturday 13th August 2022:


17 1/2 Wrong Movements 
GARDEN Popcorn, Portwine & Puppetry


Site-specific visual theatre performance 17 1/2 WRONG MOVEMENTS in the top of Taivaskallio, Käpylä, at 17h. The performance is supported by city of Helsinki!


From 19h a totally unique garden cabaret POPCORN, PORTWINE & PUPPETRY with international participants, live music, weird instruments, theatre gems and more secrets...


The exact address for the cabaret can be obtained from, or you can join the group from Taivaskallio after the performance.


Audience is kindly adviced to take with them (any) coins, in order to see very VIP secrets. 


Performers: Perrine Ferrafiat, Linnea Happonen, Jan Jakubal, Pavel Semchenko (Akhe), Riina Tikkanen ja Jiri Zeman 

the band: Mayim Alpert, Philip Holm, Antti Korhola

Supported by the city of Helsinki, and the Austrian Embassy

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
International theatre group 
was founded in 2001 in Prague.
Starting with outrageous and brave improvisations, 
KREPSKO has created their own unique theatrical language 
based on enchanting atmospheres, dark fairytales 
and absurd tragicomical moments. 
They use aspects of circus and puppet 
theatre to tell stories without words 
and to reach the deepest secrets 
and emotions of the audience. 
has created more than 20 reprising shows,
performed all around the world 
and garnered numerous awards. 
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