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Dronte etc. - Stories of extinction  


Open an imagery encyclopedia of various endangered or already extinct existences – not only animals or species, but also other beings, behaviors, thoughts and objects... And not simply extinct, but also forgotten.


To reveal the charm and darkness in the stories of the last of a kind; the sadness and freedom of one's voluntary extinction. A unusual cabaret with a rotating cast of KREPSKO colleagues, exploring the wonders of extinction.




Created by: K R E P S K O

featuring the mechanical menagerie of Robert Smolík 


directed by: Linnea Happonen
performed by: Bekr Ali, Mayim Alpert, Guy Dowsett, Linnea Happonen, Patrick Huber, Mathieu Imbert, Jan Jakubal, Talley Mulligan/Lukos Hey, Anna Polívkova, Lukáš Teklý, Pau Zabaleta i Llauger, Jiří Zeman

music composed by: Mayim Alpert, Guy Dowsett

costumes and visual co-operation: Radka Mizerova
light design: Martin Špetlík
with special thanks to: Petr Lorenc


Co-production: Experimental Space Roxy/NOD
Supported by: Czech Ministry of Culture, City of Prague



premiered in December 2007, Prague

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