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17 1/2 Wrong Movements

as part of

New Theatre Helsinki Festival

3.3-4.3 March 2023, 19h

Svenska Teatern, Nicken stage

Helsinki, Finland

17 1/2 Wrong Movements

Wrong movements in the right show? Right movements from the wrong show?

Long notes from the wrong song?

Performers from two well-toured international theatre groups momentarily distanced from the rest of their groups in Helsinki. Right people in the wrong country? Or the opposite? So many brilliant movements and moments taken out of their original context to create a new nonverbal dialogue. Optical chronicles of absurd and very visual theatre. Theatrical upcycling where something totally new is being created in an homage on the heaps of old.



This premier performance is a collaboration between two long-lived theatre companies, Engineering theatre AKHE and KREPSKO theatre group. Both groups have been creating their own special theatre worlds and travelling around the world in more than 30 countries with their performances, which have been awarded in various festivals.


Wrong Movements made by, among others:

Linnea Happonen, Jan Jakubal, Pavel Semchenko, Riina Tikkanen

Music and technical support: Mayim Alpert

Choreographic co-producing: Yellow Buoy Company (Austria)


The performance in Helsinki is supported in part by ACT OUT, a project of IG Freie Theaterarbeit, funded by the BMEIA.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

International theatre group 
was founded in 2001 in Prague.

Starting with outrageous and brave improvisations, 
KREPSKO has created their own unique theatrical language 
based on enchanting atmospheres, dark fairytales 
and absurd tragicomical moments. 
They use aspects of circus and puppet 
theatre to tell stories without words 
and to reach the deepest secrets 
and emotions of the audience. 

has created more than 20 reprising shows,
performed all around the world 
and garnered numerous awards. 
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